Travel insurance has been in existence in some capacity for almost 150 years!

James Batterson owned and operated the first travel insurance agency in 1864. At that time, travel insurance was pretty much an exclusive product that only the upper class and upper middle class could afford. Nevertheless, travel risks were applicable to them, as adversities like theft or loss could potentially cost a traveller hundreds of dollars. Batterson’s travel insurance company covered all costs associated with such unexpected travel circumstances.

Over the years, travel insurance coverage has significantly expanded to include various aspects that were earlier excluded on travel insurance policies. Acts of war and terrorism, costs of baggage loss, flight cancellations and other unexpected travel hitches are now covered under most trip insurance plans. Even ransom is covered under certain travel insurance policies, although typically, it has to be purchased separately.

Multi-trip insurance has become a popular option for frequent travellers, as it provides better value than single-trip policies.

The number of add-on coverage options offered by modern travel insurance companies has increased impressively, and travellers can now select from a plethora of options to protect themselves from almost any travel problem.

Why us?

For every trip you take, we ensure that you are adequately covered with the things you need the most, and that you do not end up paying premiums for what you don’t need. To work out a simple, customised, and relevant travel policy that suits your needs to the T, talk to us today!

Save 20% on Travel Insurance by SureSave

SureSave Travel InsuranceSureSave travel insurance covers more than 300,000 travellers each year and is 100% Australian owned. Travel Crafters are able to offer you a 20% premium discount for all policies booked online!

With policies issued and underwritten by Lloyd’s, Suresave Travel Insurance provides a range of high value and high feature products for international, domestic, business, budget and frequent travellers. Our Suresave policies include a range of benefits to help make sure your trip is memorable for the right reasons. No medical examinations are required for those 80 years and under, unless needing cover for pre-existing medical conditions!

Comprehensive Holiday Insurance

Cover for Australian travellers planning to be away for a while, visiting many places and possibly working to keep their holiday going, this travel insurance covers you for emergencies but doesn’t cost the earth.

  • Unlimited overseas medical cover
  • Emergency dental
  • Unlimited additional expenses
  • Cover for your luggage, cameras and laptops
  • Cancellation cover
  • 24 hour emergency assistance
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Annual Cover Travel Insurance

Our Annual Travel Insurance has similar benefits to our Comprehensive cover, but you also get new for old replacement for your luggage and personal effects. Buying an Annual Frequent Traveller Plan can save you time and money and enables you to travel as many times as you like within a 12 month period as long as each trip is no longer than 50 days.

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Domestic Travel Insurance

Covers you for travel within Australia where you have some pre-booked accommodation or an airfare that is not refundable nor changeable.

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