The obvious justification behind a string of agencies that have adopted the Thomas Cook moniker is because of the much-celebrated Thomas Cook himself – A diligent man and travel enthusiast whose name is synonymous with travel for several decades now. A major development and milestone for Cook in particular and the travel domain in general, was the fact that he was the first man to start a travel agency as well as establish a package tour holiday.

Thomas Cook started off as the first British travel agency, and today, it has evolved into one of the biggest and most sought-after travel agencies in the world. In earlier times, travel agency services were largely used by the rich upper and middle class who had the funds for lavish vacations – A luxury that the lower-class families could not afford. However, since the 19th century, Thomas Cook agencies began gaining immense popularity, validated by the fact that an astoundingly large number of such agencies started coming up across the globe, offering a vast assortment of affordable holiday packages, from local British holidays to more contemporary ones.


Times have changed, and today, travel agents have become more accessible as well as affordable. We at Travel Crafters may not be as ancient and popular as Cook, but we are definitely accessible, affordable, enthusiastic and passionate about travel, and we promise to offer you our dedicated, cutting-edge travel options to make your holiday dreams see the light of the day – That too at the most competitive prices! Of course, what you get free with all of our services is a smile, always!