A message from Qantas



Following customer feedback, our team has been working hard to improve the conditions on our flight credits. Due to coronavirus, many of our customers now hold a flight credit. If your original booking was made prior to 30 April 2020, and you were due to travel on a Qantas flight between 31 January 2020 – 30 September 2020, your flight credit can be used across multiple future bookings. This will be updated in our system from June 2020. We have also extended the expiry date, with any existing unused credits issued after 1 January 2019, now valid until 31 December 2021, giving our customers more time, flexibility and choice. For more information click below :


A reminder that if you made your booking through a travel agent or third-party website you will need to contact them directly.

We’re looking forward to a day when we can all return to travel. Whether that be by air, by sea, by road, or even by foot. Because travel is a big part of the Spirit of Australia.

And we look forward to welcoming you back on board when the time is right.



Travel Crafters is keeping a close eye and will update all our clients when further information is available. Should you wish to reach out to us, contact us by email [email protected] or call us on 02 8964 4221.


Thank you.