A news many of us were waiting for..

Dear Traveler,


We all know how the last couple of months had been, with no flights in the Sky and no clarity on when the travel will get back to normal. Look like the things may get better soon. As expected the airlines will not start the operations with a full force, however something will still be there for everyone…


Etihad has released their weekly service between Melbourne & London, effective 15th May 20 .

All flights will operate Economy & Business cabins.

Guests should note:

·         The same aircraft will operate both sectors to and via Abu Dhabi

·         Guests in transit will remain on board when we reach Abu Dhabi, as will their checked baggage

·         Guests will be able to leave the aircraft as usual if their journey terminates in Abu Dhabi

·         Guests joining the flight in Abu Dhabi will board normally from Abu Dhabi

·         All Etihad London operations will arrive and depart from London Heathrow, Terminal 2, The Queen’s Terminal

Our Schedule

Melbourne to London Heathrow via Abu Dhabi – Effective 15 May 2020


Flight EY 463
Melbourne Abu Dhabi
21:45 05:55+1
Flight EY 19
Abu Dhabi London
07:15 11:50


London Heathrow to Melbourne via Abu Dhabi – Effective 21 May 2020


Flight EY 20
London Abu Dhabi
13:20 23:25
Flight EY 460
Abu Dhabi Melbourne
00:45 20:15


All flights between London and Melbourne can be booked through Travel Crafters. Travelers are advised to check current entry regulations for both the United Kingdom and Australia before booking.

These flights have been approved by the UAE Government, and we’re working closely with authorities to continue these types of operations. Guests can find out more about our extensive sanitisation and guest health and wellness programme at etihad.com/wellness.

We are always there, should you need any assistance to book. Feel free to contact our friendly reservation team on 02 8964 4221 or email us at [email protected]

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