Get ready for an adventure like no other as Gujarat is set to launch India’s first submarine tourism in the mystical underwater city of Dwarka. Slated to begin just before Diwali 2024, this groundbreaking venture will allow visitors to explore the legendary submerged city linked to Lord Krishna, blending spirituality with underwater exploration in an unforgettable experience.

Unveiling the Mysteries of Dwarka

The ancient city of Dwarka, believed to have been the opulent kingdom of Lord Krishna, has long been a subject of fascination. According to ancient scriptures, this city was a marvel of architecture and wealth, which eventually sank into the Arabian Sea. Modern marine archaeology has revealed submerged structures that align with these legends, making Dwarka a significant historical and spiritual site.

The Submarine Tour Experience

This pioneering submarine tour promises a captivating journey beneath the sea, offering a close-up view of the ruins that many believe to be remnants of Krishna’s Dwarka. The tour is designed to be both educational and immersive, with expert guides narrating the rich history and mythology associated with the submerged city.

What to Expect

  1. Ancient Ruins: Descend into the depths to view ancient structures, including walls, foundations, and possibly even the remains of palaces and temples. These ruins offer a fascinating glimpse into a bygone era, supported by marine archaeological findings.
  2. Marine Wonders: The waters around Dwarka are alive with marine biodiversity. As you explore the underwater city, you’ll encounter vibrant marine life, enhancing the magical experience of this underwater tour.
  3. Interactive Learning: The submarine is equipped with interactive displays that provide detailed information about the underwater city. These include 3D models and virtual reconstructions, offering a comprehensive understanding of the site’s historical significance.
  4. Cultural Enrichment: Enjoy traditional performances and recitals related to Lord Krishna and the history of Dwarka, staged on the submarine’s deck. These cultural elements enrich the spiritual aspect of the journey, making it a multi-sensory experience.

A Pilgrimage Like No Other

Visiting the submerged city of Dwarka is more than just a tour; it is a pilgrimage. Dwarka is one of the Char Dham (four principal pilgrimage destinations) in Hinduism, and this underwater adventure offers a unique opportunity to connect with divine history in an extraordinary setting.

Practical Details

Tour Duration: Each submarine tour will last approximately two hours, providing ample time to explore and appreciate the underwater sights.

Booking and Accessibility: Tickets for the submarine tour can be booked online through Travel Crafters’ official website. Special provisions will be made for the elderly and differently-abled to ensure everyone can partake in this divine journey.

Safety Measures: Safety is a top priority. All passengers will receive a safety briefing before the tour, and the submarine is equipped with the latest safety and emergency equipment.

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey

As Diwali 2024 approaches, we invite you to join us on this extraordinary adventure. Dive into the depths of history and spirituality with Travel Crafters, and witness the underwater city of Dwarka like never before. This is more than a tour; it’s a spiritual odyssey that promises to create lasting memories.

With the blessings of Sri Krishna Rukhmani, we look forward to welcoming you aboard for an unforgettable journey beneath the waves. Book your tickets now and be part of this historic launch with Travel Crafters.