Hello Australian Resident,


We understand, how frustrating it can be being away from home in a different country with limited resources, limited money and literally no help finding the flights for your return back to your own home country, Australia.


We at Travel Crafters have been helping Australian citizens & residents who are stranded overseas anywhere from South Africa, Bali, India , USA & many other airports to come back to Australia. Whether you are planning to leave from India , America, Europe, UK or from anywhere to Australia, our team members works inline with you to find the right flight with the least possible transit and also by providing information on transit visa requirements ( if any ) .


To bring you back to Australia faster we’re working closely with many airlines to bring you back home as fast as possible. Please fill below expression of interest form mentioning which will ask you some basic information including the place where you’re currently at and the city you would like to return back in Australia. This way we will do our best to get you back to your base much faster.


This form does not mean a booking confirmation, at this stage, however we guarantee to do our best 24 x 7 to do our best , to get you back home.


Please fill below form & leave the rest on us.


Travel Crafters


Also, we’ve just launched our Whatsapp group, where we will be updating the available flight options with quotes, which might be suitable for your travel needs.