If you’ve dreamed of soaring through the clouds and taking in breathtaking views of the city below, a hot air balloon ride is exactly what you’re looking for. From the serenity of floating over lush green meadows to the thrill of gazing down at towering mountain peaks, a hot balloon ride will provide an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy the best rides of the balloon festival in Northam, which provides a spectacular range of experiences. Numerous types of balloons are available at the festival, and you can choose the best air balloon for the activity. Packages will be beneficial for families and large groups of friends.




Hot air balloons are the most popular and ancient flight form, invented in 1783 and practised ever since. You can tuck yourself in a basket and get a 360-degree view of the landscapes. Click some of the best pictures with the perfect background, and nature photographers can get the photos they can sell for a nice fortune.


  • Safety with hot air balloon rides


Hot air balloon rides are safe as you can also enjoy breakfast or champagne at the top. Accidents are rare when careless pilots and crew members ignore weather conditions and landing facilities. Hot air ballooning takes good control over the systems, and you should cooperate with the team. You should follow all the instructions provided by the team before boarding.


  • Age, weight or other health issues restrictions for a balloon ride


The age restrictions are not there in hot air balloons, but parents, guardians, or adults should accompany children from 3 to 12 years of age. They should be properly guided before travelling in a hot air balloon.


There are no weight restrictions for hot air balloon rides. Taking a consultant’s or family doctor’s advice before experiencing a hot air balloon ride is recommended. If there are major issues, you can discuss them with your doctor. Issues include weight over 140 kg, knee problems, neck or back problems, fracture issues, inability to stand, or fear of height may cause problems to the patient.

  • Safety gears for hot air ballooning


You have to wear the best hot air balloon equipment before going to experience a hot air balloon. Choose the best gears or equipment you need to wear during a hot air balloon ride. Wear a comfortable dress that fits perfectly for the hot air balloon ride. Dress should be like pants, jeans tops, or trousers that will not irritate or frustrate you during the ride.


Select shoes that are quite comfortable and allow you to stand for long hours. You can protect your head from the burner’s heat fixed in a hot air balloon from the hat. Never forget to carry your sunglasses, camera, and sunscreen and wear the top with full sleeves to avoid tan and heat. All these things will make your balloon ride more exciting.


  • Best time for hot air ballooning in Australia


You should research the best season to try hot air ballooning. Weather conditions should be appropriate with more predictable conditions. Autumn and spring seasons are preferable for hot air ballooning in Melbourne. You can only enjoy the best scenic beauty in favourable months with perfect weather. Adverse weather can disturb the balance of hot air balloons and may lead everyone’s life at risk.


Enjoy the stunning beauty of wildflowers, vineyards, and colourful trees with flowers and enjoy the ride. The top view of the city may feel exciting, or you may experience goosebumps at height. You should book your ride early as getting a quick hot air balloon ride in season or the peak time is difficult. It is best to secure your preferred dates to avoid time wastage and long ticket queues.


  • Cost of hot air balloon ride


You should be clear and specific about the Melbourne hot air balloon prices. Clarify all the doubts about facilities and arrangements during the ride, time and places covered at the visit. There should be no hidden cost policy, and everything should be mentioned in detail with the quote.


However, the average cost of 1-2 hours of the ride cost around $200 – $500 per head. The adventure activity is slightly more expensive than other activities, but you may add a new experience to your life. The prices vary according to the package, location and preferred facilities.


You can prefer the length of flight and distance covered by the flight. Certain facilities for champagne or breakfast can be included in your ride.


  • Conclusion


Keeping yourself under balance and control while taking photos at height is important. You can silently enjoy the scenic views and sunrise with stunning scenery. Capture some photos to keep as a memory of the day or a new experience.


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