Guest hospitality facilities have been in existence since early biblical times.


The Romans were the first to develop thermal baths in England, Switzerland and the Middle East.


The Greeks designed and developed thermal baths in villages for rest and recuperation purposes.


The Romans built mansions to provide accommodation for government business travellers.


At the start of the hotel industry in France, around the beginning of the 15th century, the law required hotels to maintain a register. During that time, the English law also introduced rules for inns.


At the same time, around 15,00 thermal spas were developed at Carlsbad and Marienbad.


During this epoch, more than 600 inns were registered in England. Their architecture often consisted of a paved interior court with access through an arched porch. The bedrooms were situated on either side of the courtyard, the kitchen and public rooms at the front, and the stables and storehouses at the back.


The first guide books for travellers were published in France during this period.


According to some guesstimates, there are over 500,000 hotels in the world, with offerings ranging from standard rooms to luxury escapes!


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