Be quick and book your next Getaway with Travel Crafters, flying with Singapore airlines before 31st July. Here’s the reason why ?


During Pandemic, to get the customers trust back and encourage them to book, Singapore airlines started offering customers a value added benefit by offering, Unlimited  change fees* and no cancellation fees. This promo was valid to book till 15th March 2022.

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The complimentary benefit from Singapore airlines is now coming to an end :

But why ?? Well the world has opened now and most the countries have scrapped or made easy arrangements relating to pre-departure covid testing, or vaccine status. Means you can travel to most the destinations even without being fully vaccinated. However, be careful on the airline’s part as some airlines are still asking for valid vaccination certificate, before they can accept you on board.

Keeping this in mind, Singapore airlines has reviewed their cancellation policy and effective 31st July 2022. 

Singapore airlines date change

**Any difference in the airfare or tax for new dates must be paid by traveller.


To make you better understand, below are the different fare families for economy class, introduced by Singapore airlines. 

Singapore Airlines economy airfare


So better be quick, you’ve got a limited time to secure your best deal with the flexibility from Singapore airlines.


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