Year 2023 is already started with some amazing offers to Europe and the rest of the world. Now this is your best time to secure the lowest possible airfare to your dream destination, whether its London or Rome or Paris or about to start but the sale for the flights have already.


Whether you’re planning the trip in Easter or July school holidays or for any other time, this will be your best opportunity to start booking your flights for your most awaited holidays in 2023.


What’s on sale ?


Australia – India return fares from 

  • AU$ 660* economy class 
  • AU$ 4740* business class

Australia – Singapore return fares from 

  • AU$ 540* economy class 
  • AU$ 1740* premium economy class
  • AU$ 3090* business class

Australia – Asia ( Hong Kong, Korea & Japan ) return fares from 

  • AU$ 640* economy class 
  • AU$ 3250* business class

Australia – Americas return fares from 

  • AU$ 1035* economy class 
  • AU$ 2360* premium economy class
  • AU$ 6300* business class
                                             Hurry, sale ends on 31st January 2023, unless sold out prior.