** This information is only for those, who has a Travel Bug ūüôā &¬† was waiting to plan their December holidays.


Good times are coming back ( for few ), as many Australian borders are & will be open for domestic tourism. A handy guide will help you to plan and book with us on your next bucket list.


  • New South Wales:¬†Open to all except Victorians.
  • Queensland:¬†Open to all except some NSW and all VIC residents. Residents of Northern NSW can enter QLD from 1 October and vice versa.¬†As of November 1,¬†All NSW residents will be able to travel to QLD and vice versa¬†if there are 28 days of no community transmission.
  • Victoria:¬†Open to all but with major restrictions in place.
  • South Australia:¬†Open to all¬†states and territories except VIC until December 2020 (estimated).
  • Northern Territory: Open to all except VIC.¬†As of November 2,¬†The NT will reopen to regional Victoria ‚Äď if cases remain low.
  • Western Australia:¬†Closed to all states¬†and territories¬†until 2021 (estimated).
  • Tasmania: Tasmania is now open to South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and the ACT residents. It will remain closed to all other states and territories until further notice.
  • Australian Capital Territory: Open to all except Victorians.


For detailed information on each state & territory, please refer to their official website.


New South Wales : www.dpi.nsw.gov.au

Queensland : www.dpi.nsw.gov.au

South Australia : www.dpi.nsw.gov.au

The Northern Territory : www.coronavirus.nt.gov.au 

Tasmania : www.coronavirus.tas.gov.au

Victoria : www.vic.gov.au/coronavirus

Western Australia : www.wa.gov.au

Australian Capital Territory ( ACT ) :  https://www.covid19.act.gov.au/


PS : Don’t be late to plan your Christmas break ..